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Using the platform, or buying one of the services we provide, requires that we mutually agree on our interaction: you "the user", and us "".

We do have a complete version of “Terms of Use”, and we encourage you to read it by clicking here"… but we both know it is unlikely that you do so. This is why we created these simplified “Terms of Use”, hoping you’ll find the necessary 2 minutes to go through it, so that we both share a clear and solid agreement.


1. Who are we? is an association under the Non-Profit Organizations Law of 1901, which mission is to improve and measure knowledge on issues related to sustainable development around the world.

You can contact us at Sulitest c/o Kedge BS, Domaine de Luminy - BP 921 - 13288 Marseille - France, via the address, or our contact form on this site. You can also contact our DPO at:


2.What is our business?

Sulitest provides online services through the Sulitest website (the "Sulitest platform"), including a set of multiple-choice questionnaires available online. Some of these services are free, others require a license fee to use them, to allow an organization to create specific content tailored to its own needs, and to access some of the advanced features of the Sulitest platform.


3. Why do we need your names, first names and email address?

In order to participate in a session of one of the tools provided by the Sulitest platform, we must first create a personal account for you, to allow you to access these resources. This personal account will allow you to participate in the session to which you will be invited and to visualize your results. Your email address is the identifier that allows you to access this personal space, with the password you have chosen. The only other mandatory data we ask of you is your name and first name, in order to customize this space.

4. What will this data be used for?

The required personal data (name, first name, email address) is only used for platform management purposes (restore your password, help you solve a problem). If you wish, you can also sign up for our newsletter (by checking the box "I agree to receive information by email from and about only"), or be automatically notified of the near end of a session to which you are registered (by checking the box "I agree to receive 2 alerts by email when my session is about to expire (for open sessions over 5 days)”.). Under no circumstances will Sulitest exploit, cede, transmit, disseminate or rent your personal data to anyone, for commercial or other purposes, for example for commercial solicitations nor to disseminate a candidate's personal results to third parties.


5. Statistical treatment of test results

In order to assess the evolution of knowledge about sustainable development, Sulitest produces an annual report highlighting the perception of the evolution of this knowledge through indicators of success to the different questions of the sessions carried out in the time interval. The test results can also be used for research on the evolution of sustainable development knowledge of candidates who have passed the test, upon request from Sulitest by research organizations wishing to use this data. The data used for the annual report, such as those used in research on the evolution of knowledge in sustainable development, are anonymized and aggregated data, and therefore do not contain personal references to candidates who have passed the Test.


6. Data retention time

Unless you expressly request, data related to your Sulitest personal space (name, first name, email address, results obtained) will be kept for a period of 5 years.


7. Data Processing and RGPD

The collection, retention and processing of data from the Sulitest platform is carried out in accordance with RGPD regulations. No personal life data, economic and financial, connection or location (other than optional city and country of residence data) is not collected or stored, as well as any sensitive data (data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, genetic data, biometrics for the purpose of identifying a natural person in a unique way, regarding health, sexual life or sexual orientation, data relating to criminal convictions or offences). For questions about the confidentiality or use of the collected data, you can contact our data protection officer at


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- "you can also read the complete version of our “Terms of Use” by clicking here"

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